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2021 VSR Season

May 15th - November 15th 2021

Despite ongoing supply chain disruptions, the 2021 season marked a cooperation rate of 64% which was the highest cooperation rate in the history of the program. Over 2/3 of our participants' transits within the VSR zones were at the requested 10 knots or less.

Season Highlights

  • 18 global shipping companies & 559 ships participated

  • Total VSR distance: 179,530 nautical miles

  • Emissions reductions: 650 tons of smog-forming NOx​ and 22,201 metric tons of regional GHGs

  • Ocean noise reduction: 5 db/transit

  • 50% reduction in ship strikes on whales

2021 VSR Companies.png

Thank you to the following companies who generously declined their 2021 financial incentive payments in order to help sustain the program in the future.

2021 Declined Financials.png
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