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2020 VSR Season

May 15th - November 15th 2020

The 2020 season saw a geographic expansion of the VSR zones along the Southern California coast and the addition of two new shipping company, MOL ACE and Wallenius Wilhelmsen. Despite the pandemic and global supply chain disruptions, we saw an increased commitment from our participants.

Season Highlights

  • 16 global shipping companies & 483 ships participated

  • Total VSR distance: 181,306 nautical miles

  • Emissions reductions: 748 tons of smog-forming NOx​ and 24,258 metric tons of regional GHGs

  • Ocean noise reduction: 4 db/transit

  • Reduction of ship strikes on whales: SF Bay Area: 61% SoCal Region: 30%

2020 VSR Companies.png

The five carriers who achieved the Sapphire Award level were honored with commemorative whale tail trophies.

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