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Become an Ambassador

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Being an Ambassador is an easy way to showcase your company's commitment to sustainable shipping while reducing ship strikes to endangered whales, air pollution, regional greenhouse gas emissions, and underwater noise. Consumer goods brands, retailers, ports, freight forwarders and logistics companies are encouraged to become Ambassadors.


It is free and does not require any changes to your shipping schedule.

Benefits for Ambassadors

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  • Receive emissions reductions and environmental benefits data for the carriers you work with

  • Get recognized in popular corporate sustainability and logistics media outlets

  • Receive our Communications Toolkit (photos, media assets, templates) and program logo

  • Demonstrate and communicate your environmental values

  • Appear on our the Protecting Blue Whales and Blue Skies website and annual reporting, videos, webinars, and event panels. 

How Ambassadors Make a Difference

For more information, see the Ambassador brochure.

Since there is currently no mandatory slow speed regulation on the West Coast of California, endangered whales, air quality, and emissions reductions rely on voluntary compliance from shipping vessels.  When their customers (you!) show that you are paying attention and that you care, the shipping companies respond, resulting in better environmental outcomes for everyone.  Ambassadors make a difference by:

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  • Shipping with at least one of our VSR participants

  • Creating a press release to announce your enrollment as an ambassador (templates available)

  • Distributing letter(s) to your maritime freight carriers that congratulates them or encourages them to participate in the VSR program

  • Granting us use of your logo for outreach materials

  • Acknowledging carrier VSR participants in your annual sustainability reporting

Not ready to become an Ambassador?

There are many other ways to support the Protecting Blue Whales and Blue Skies program.
Complete the form below and indicate you would like to become a supporter.  
A member of our team will reach out with ways you can show your support.

Get Started!

Get Involved!

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Complete the form below.  One of our team members will reach out to begin onboarding your company.  If you are ready to sign on as an Ambassador, you may simply complete and return the Letter of Understanding below.  Email any questions to

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