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We work hard to provide our participants and the public with the necessary information to stay informed about sustainable shipping practices along the West Coast.

VSR Brochure

One Page VSR Fact Sheet

Whale Safe website that shows vessel transit and whale data in the Southern California Region

Environmental Defense Center article on whales as a source of carbon storage

Explore other VSR programs: Port at Los Angeles,  ECHO Program, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

2017 study on ship strikes and whale mortality on the West Coast

NOAA Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary issues additional advisories when whales are present for ALL ships (300 gross registered tons or larger) to reduce speeds to 10 knots or less.

In recognition of this program’s success, California State Senator Scott Wiener included VSR in California Senate Bill 69, which would have directed the California Air Resources Board to develop a similar voluntary VSR program in coordination with affected air districts and the national marine sanctuaries

International Maritime Organization (IMO) 2018 strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from ships.

Previous Vessel Speed Reduction Programs

Blue Whales Blue Skies Press Release Archive