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Ambassadors are consumer goods brands, ports, and logistics companies committed to reducing air pollution, regional greenhouse gas emissions, underwater noise, and ship strikes to endangered whales.

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"Nomad is honored to partner with Protecting Blue Whales & Blue Skies as a Brand Ambassador. Through this partnership, we remain committed to exclusively booking freight companies that participate in vessel speed reduction. Our hope is that this regional initiative will develop at a global scale. We strongly encourage other companies that ship along the California coast to become ambassadors, raise awareness, and encourage their freight companies to participate in the program." 
- Scott Beatty, Procurement Manager

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"Summit Coffee Roasting Co. (a subsidiary of Summit Coffee™) is excited to join Blue Whales and Blue Skies as a Brand Ambassador! For Summit, we see partnerships like Blue Skies Blue Whales as part of our responsibility, not just a choice. This program deepens Summit Coffee's commitment to making responsible, creative, and sustainable decisions within every realm of the business. Our coffee roasting business has a larger impact than anything else we do, so being intentional about every aspect of our roasting is imperative, and this is a great example and opportunity for us to help share the great work being done and to encourage other companies to get involved too." 

- Brett Dioguardi, VP of Impact


"At Peak Design, we continually seek ways to become a more sustainable business. We’re inspired by the work that Blue Whales & Blue Skies is doing to protect California’s coastal communities and wildlife, and proud to partner with them as a brand ambassador. Blue Whales & Blue Skies gives us a platform to demand more sustainable transportation practices from our freight carriers. We encourage other brands to join as ambassadors to strengthen our collective voice in protecting our air and coastal waters.  


Being a brand ambassador was a no-brainer for us: it’s a low lift opportunity for brands to grow awareness and concretely move the dial in shaping freight industry practices. Being an ambassador costs nothing aside from using our voices to advocate for more sustainable transportation. It's something all responsible brands should join."

- Annie Nyborg, Sustainability Director


"As a B Corp we strive to continually reduce our environmental footprint whilst helping billions of people in need, donating 50% of our profits to help provide everyone in the world with clean water and toilets.

We have the responsibility as a business to really think about our emissions and how we can get to a place where these emissions are significantly reduced.  Joining the Blue Whales and Blue Skies program is a great, tangible way to reduce emissions that result from transporting products via ship and helps to protect endangered blue whales."

- Dr. Elissa Foster, Head of Sustainability at Who Gives A Crap

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"At Way Basics, we believe in the impact sustainable products and eco-friendly approaches can have on the environment. Joining Protecting Blue Whales & Blue Skies as a Brand Ambassador aligns with this initiative completely; in fact, this was how Way Basics was founded in the first place. We developed and designed products from recycled paper! As an importer, we're aware of the emission that vessels put out and have always sought ways to reduce emission. Every LCL and FCL shipment counts. We will continue to elevate our voices and fight for our environment."

- Vinson Xia, Associate Director, Operations at Way Basics

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"Having a coastal-based factory, and headquarters in our hometown of Santa Cruz, California, all of us here at Santa Cruz Bicycles feel an extra bit of responsibility to help protect California’s coastal air quality, waters, wildlife, and communities.

We work hard to do this in tangible ways, including building out a solar-powered bicycle factory, using efficient package design to reduce volume and wasted space, and making sure that packaging that comes into the building is reused or recycled.

We also incentivize employees to bike, walk, or carpool to work by offering credits that can be used for purchasing bikes, bike parts, and local goods.

Partnering with Blue Whales and Blue Skies allows us to bring this same sustainability commitment outside of the factory walls, where we can also make a positive impact on our coastal environment by encouraging the adoption of sustainable shipping practices with our global shipping partners."

- Scott, Media and Communications Manager at Santa Cruz Bicycles


“Sonos is proud to join Protecting Blue Whales and Blue Skies as a Brand Ambassador. We were founded in Santa Barbara, and we’re committed to doing our part to protect the ecological biodiversity of the area.”

- Deji Olukotun, Director of Global Affairs and Sustainability at Sonos

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“At The Block Logistics, our heart is rooted in meaningful connections – both with people and the planet. As freight forwarders, every shipment we manage is a testament to our role in the vast global tapestry, weaving both business needs and environmental responsibility together in a cohesive and tenacious manner. This is why our collaboration with Blue Whales and Blue Skies feels so fitting; it’s a stride towards a harmonious balance between efficient logistics and ecological mindfulness.


We’re inspired by carriers who choose to align with environmental programs, recognizing the ​shared vision and commitment they bring to the table. What’s key for us is​ ongoing dialogue, shared learning, and the collective aim of navigating a path that’s both prosperous and considerate of the world around us.


Joining hands with Blue Whales and Blue Skies underscores our commitment to this two-fold path. Here at The Block Logistics, we’re more than just a business; we’re a community striving for a better, more interconnected tomorrow.”

– Sami O’Brien & Raphael Khan Sustainability Directors

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“JAS Worldwide is pleased to be a brand ambassador for the Blue Whales Blue Skies program. Partnerships are essential to bring about positive change, as the shipping industry has a significant impact on the environment. What makes the BWBS initiative stand out is that it not only addresses carbon emissions, but also safeguards biodiversity. By voluntarily reducing vessel speed (VSR) along the California coast, ocean carriers commit to protecting blue whales and raising industry awareness. JAS supports this initiative and will further engage its logistics partners on the key role whales play in the environment and our responsibility to improve the ocean ecosystem.”

-Andrea Goeman, SVP Sustainability, JAS Worldwide

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Any company that ships with one or more of the VSR participants is eligible to become a Brand Ambassador. Enrolling is free and does not require any changes to your shipping. Click here to learn more or complete the form to enroll your company.

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