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Become a Port Supporter

Being a supporter is an easy way to both highlight your port's commitment to sustainable shipping and help reduce the environmental impacts of maritime shipping.  

Benefits for ports:

  • Demonstrate and communicate your environmental values

  • Customized breakdown of the emission reductions of carriers who call the port

  • Communications Toolkit (Photos, media assets, social media, etc)

  • Use of program logo

  • Recognition in popular corporate sustainability and logistics media outlets

  • Acknowledgement on our website and our annual reporting 

  • Invitation to end-of-season celebration

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To become a supporter, ports need to abide by the following expectations:

  • Complete a sign-on letter(s) that calls/congratulates carriers who visit the port to participate in the VSR program

  • Grant us use of their logo for outreach materials

  • Acknowledge carrier VSR participants in their annual sustainability reporting

Interested parties should email to learn more.

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